Telling a Story


“Inspired by wilderness. Documented by writing. Shared through photography.”

Having been born and raised in Colorado has offered me ample opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and develop a passion for the messages Nature holds. Through exploring these things I heard many interpretations of what Nature means and TheOutLife philosophy was born. I love the stories, conversations, and questions that serve to challenge our mindset and with the great outdoors as my muse, I hope to gain a better understanding of the natural world around us.



I was still in the car seat when I first started pointing out rivers and lakes outside the window and exclaiming in excitement. Since then, not much has changed. The wild spaces are areas in which I’m drawn to and the areas in which I find myself most at home.


Writing offers us the unique ability and responsibility to be an advocate for our own perspective. By utilizing this oft underused method of communication, we can take pride in the work we produce and reach an audience without being physically present. Writing is art and the conveying of our thoughts in a readable presentation.


Although writing tells a story, the way a photograph offers a visual interpretation of what’s inherent in the essay adds another layer of intellectual and emotional stimulation. A powerful picture can make the content of a piece of writing all the more poignant.

“The conclusion stated above, ‘Inspired by wilderness. Documented by writing. Shared through photography.’ is the goal to pursue, and the example to set. Thanks for following along the journey, I challenge you to start your own. Pursue wildness!”
-Thank you

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