Drawing From the Compost Pile: The True Source of Creativity is our Past

Soaking it In

Creativity is organic. Before we make anything we take the eggshells we fear to walk on with the bruised egos and rotten experiences and stash them into places where we think we’ve succeeded in forgetting them. The longer they sit in that space we keep out of sight they compost down and dissolve into beautiful, fertile nutrients for the next round of thoughts to be sown in. The state of our mental health often requires moments to gently mix together all those experiences we think we’ve left behind to turn them into the basic ingredients of wisdom and imagination that anybody requires to grow. This process is not easy. It does its best work within a person who lives life freely and open to all experiences and a person who opens even further to all people who come into their lives. The best, healthiest of all memories still must be sent into the pile for the sole reason of building up a strong platform for next year’s ideas.
Every moment, whether it be a smile or a laugh or a cry, is set aside every night and as we dream our lovely thoughts pick and pluck the moments that need to be remembered the most. What is left is fed to the compost pile. However, this is no ordinary pile of unused words and spent emotions. This particular compost pile glows with the radiance of a life having been lived. It smells like sipping fresh cocoa while seated around a warm fireplace and feels like the mid-summer sun’s kiss through light, thin clothes.
This compost pile is the stuff our dreams are made of. We all go through the ups and downs and worries and shouted exclamations of joy that happens in every life, and the better we pay attention to these ordinary moments the more extraordinary our dreams become. It does not matter what the compost holds or how much of it is there, every moment of life should be cherished as it could hold the seed of wonder that leads to breathtaking thoughts and world-changing actions.
As the seasons sway in their dances and the light rises unfailingly in the sky every morning, we are inexplicably tied to the compost pile of the universe, and as such we have the most fertile lands within us all to let the seeds of inspiration and passion grow.
We have the mountains, and in all their quiet pride and steadfast love of the sky above we find our own feet steady when on shaky ground.
We have the flower’s bloom, and in its silent appraisal of the sun we learn to cherish the warmth of the day.
When we write or take photos or cook or bake or grow the foods we eat, generous handfuls of our wondrous experiences are mixed into a plot and that’s how the makers, the dreamers, and the doers grow stronger with every passing season.
They let the inspiring people be lead to them by simply following their lives. They embrace hard work and effort and accept help from all those who wish to give it. And most all of them are selfless in their experience and generous with their own compost piles. But the main sign of an open mind and fertile past is that they smile every morning and soak up the radiance of existence every chance they get. Those that have the most compelling minds often are the one’s who, much like the flowers in spring, bloom in the use of imagination.
This is creativity. The accumulation of memories and experiences that have been amassed for years upon years results in the most fertile of minds to sow the strongest of heirloom beings. We are human, and creativity, much like the foods we require to live, needs the memories that are made by living life with beckoning arms and open hearts.
Be still in this moment, soak up the sound of your next breath and inhale the scent of your next meal for this will be the soil in which you begin the rest of your life.



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A young writer and photographer who loves the outdoors with a significant passion. I believe that what the environment needs is people who have a close relationship with the land through the things they do out there. Check out all TheOutLife social media avenues and feel free to send some feedback!

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