Creativity, Originality, and Flow: If You are Different, You are an Artist

River Scene
Whisps of Water

“The most regretful people on Earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” –Mary Oliver

I wonder if a certain point of intellectual achievement is reached where you no longer relate easily to the throngs of a perceived “normal person” around you. As you think and think on topics that require a wholly different foundation from which to view from it gets easier to stand on that pedestal and look over the walls at the things on the other side of awareness. I think that once a person reaches that level of awareness that they go semi-crazy searching for a way to make that unordinary side of them fit into the normal threads of society. The thoughts turn into the strongest desire to act on them and yet there’s no good place for society to accept them and so it’s an endless cycle of being unable to relate or fit in and it results in a ghastly pessimism of society as a whole. However, I believe that art is the vehicle through which those of us that are different to the point of perceiving it as a flaw are able to convey our perception of the world through a medium that other people will understand. At least better than trying to explain it directly.
Art is the turning of an intangible thought or idea into some sort of physical experience. Usually through music or painting or movies or acting, art to me is self-expression allowing for a viewer to receive your own self as if it were a condition of their own. Art inspires empathy. I believe that. And I also wonder if art is empathy, personified in such a way that’s beautiful and inspiring.
Why do people break down and cry in front of paintings that depict squares and colors or splashes of paint in no specific order or ordinary arrangement and say that it changed their lives? Why does art become a physical experience?
Art is the manifestation of wonder and human character. I think everyone who think, act, or see the world differently have a chance to be truly unique. Those people have a chance at being original. There are so many ways to convey one’s identity that the list is quite literally endless but the first step lies in finding a medium in which your mind can reach a state of flow.
Flow is the moment when your mind autopilots in a state of almost meditative focus and you’ve accessed a part of yourself that pushes its way out through your mind in a smooth run. It’s both calming and exciting and for the time you play into it the machinations of the normal world shut off and no longer exist. Life is experienced from the core of who you are, not who anybody says you are and not what anybody says you may be. In a moment of flow, you are infinitely you more than anyone else could show you.
Try it. What do you love doing? Have you felt so insanely into it that time slows down? That suddenly you forget all your flaws and the woes in the world shrink to a barely nudging grain in your mind? That’s flow. To re-access this very real capacity for feeling identity, follow the feeling and focus on it and grasp it and turn that thing you feel into something you can truly hold. Something that affects the world around you. Start something new. Build something new. Create!
If you are different, you have a chance at being an artist.

Will you take it, or regret never trying?



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