Don’t “Do What You Love” or “Follow Your Passion” but “Do What Clicks”

I heard once that the phrases “do what you love” and “follow your passion” are examples of shitty advice. I don’t know if love and passion are accurate representations of the feeling you get when you just explicitly and unequivocally know that there’s one thing in life that you feel so strongly above all others that it’s something like the reason to live. I mean, everyone must have that to some extent. Some people find happiness in their desk job, some people fluster over the presence of a dog or cat and as a veterinarian, they’re happy, and still others find passion in simply everyday waking up alive so every moment thereafter is a gift. I think the answer to life is in the very idea that you are alive, but I think it’s what you do with that time you have that makes all the difference in the world. It’s what definitively makes you, you. So what clicks? What is the thing that you can talk about with anybody and everybody and everyone knows that about you? What just simply feels comfortable? What keeps you sane? What could you never do without?
I’ll give you a few examples of what clicks for me.

Photography immortalizes split-second moments in time we never have the chance to absorb until the camera shutter gives it the opportunity to live in our reality. In real life, I cannot freeze time and make a moment last longer. I cannot push pause and laugh over a funny face or an awesome sport move. However, photography does do that. It’s a chance for our visual and emotional senses to experience events in time that would have been lost forever. When I look at these photos, every single one has a personal story I have a chance to re-experience in my own time.
Yet photography, as all art forms do, connect with the audience on their own turf as well.
So this is what clicks for me. As surely as the shutter snaps with every photo, so my life is affirmed when making light of the fact that the length of my life is similar to the amount of time it takes for a photo to be taken.
I don’t know why that is. I don’t know why some people get this explosively bright light in their eyes when you talk to them about what they care about, or why you can share in that vivid excitement when they reminisce over their passion. One thing I know for sure is that photography can capture people in their entirety. Somehow it seals in moments they didn’t know they had or shows them those moments they knew they had and never knew how to describe.
It’s silent, these things. To find your click you have to search and hunt and explore and see and experience every second of every day and even then never stop but continue following the feeling of oneness with your life aligned with what makes you pursue it.
If it’s true that “follow your passion” and “do what you love” is shitty advice, then I suggest we put that phrase a little differently.
Do what clicks. Because if you do what clicks, it’s only ever going to make sense to you and so you find you don’t need anybody to tell you to do something differently.





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A young writer and photographer who loves the outdoors with a significant passion. I believe that what the environment needs is people who have a close relationship with the land through the things they do out there. Check out all TheOutLife social media avenues and feel free to send some feedback!

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