Where “TheOutLife” Name Comes From (Pt. 4: A Lifestyle)

Ocean waves

“Water droplets hold all the philosophy of the ocean itself.”

A Lifestyle

We didn’t catch anything.
But still it was incredible.
On the car ride back, I asked Tokunaga-san why his Sea Bass fishing team was named “THEOUTLIFE.” After all, they were a Japanese team and TheOutLife was decidedly English and an odd use of words strung together. They had it on hats and stickers, and I was curious from the get-go but was more than eager to hear the answer now.
Summed up, he said, “The sea bass fishing team is named TheOutLife because it’s a hobby that’s outside the box of the things most people do.” He went on to explain that the group is mainly comprised of older men and while their days and weeks are mostly filled with work and responsibilities, sea bass fishing is the way they build a sense of community. It’s the hobby they love because it gets them outside their everyday patterns.
I was smitten. I came back to the states inspired by what I had heard him say and the philosophy of what TheOutLife name represented but for a long while I didn’t know what to do with it. I started my social media presence awhile after the trip and when it had reached a state where I wanted a blog, I first needed to find a name.
TheOutLife, personified through my voice, is as you see it now. A willingness to share, to be open, and to tell of our experiences in the outdoors as a means of self-rejuvenation and inspiration. But also as a message, to get outside the box, to think and live and see things in the everyday that can take you off the beaten path and into the wonder and beauty that lies there. TheOutLife is the constant conscious pursuit of a lifestyle and one that I constantly have to remind myself to strive for.
This blog and the photography is only my own OutLife, how do you live yours?




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A young writer and photographer who loves the outdoors with a significant passion. I believe that what the environment needs is people who have a close relationship with the land through the things they do out there. Check out all TheOutLife social media avenues and feel free to send some feedback!

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