“Upon Which We Stride”


There are many ways to love the trees
And each is to their own
But these are the ways I have seen
These are the ways I have known

Run blindly through the undergrowth
Swing wildly from the branches
Climb swiftly all the rocks of stone
Heed not anyone who watches

Here we are young explorers
Those who wander though not are lost
Here we are proud sentinels
Standing at our post

In this way we are proud
Proud enough to feel free
Though the changes here are not loud
Here we become all that we want to be

Then, if we wish to dig deeper
If we wish to incorporate spirituality
There’s a second option we pursue here
And it’s one of utter simplicity

We pick a rock or ledge by a valley
Or overlooking a lake
And keeping our minds gloriously empty
We find what dreams it will make

Our hearts feel the thrum of the earth
The variety of life is no surprise
We find home is the land of our birth
And the land upon which we stride




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