Poem: From the Earth and the Trees

DSC_1093 (2)

I arrived at a place where the water cut the trees from the soil

Its underbelly was a frothing turmoil

And yet it appeared to me

That the water came straight from the tree’s body

From under the tree it flew

As if in its long travels, it knew

The direction in which to flow

And here it is I came to know how from the earth and the trees the water has flowed gently by for many centuries.

And though not the dam of a beaver will make it stop

Or the dam of man can make it halt

I see in this place I’ve stumbled upon that Mother Nature continues on

Without anger or sadness or deep betrayal, Mother Nature bids us all to hail her beautiful continuity.

The water continued to flow as I gazed and the tree’s uncovered roots saw the sun’s rays

But in this moment, I could not halt the water or cover the roots

So I slipped off my boots and

Stepped into the icy cold water of the earth.

Though I remember the sight of the water like glass somehow flowing over the mossy grass

The thing that will always stand out to me is knowing that this moment was meant to be.

Whether it took days or months or up to a year for me to stand up and come to be here

The land was building this marvelous sculpture

And now here I stand, stock still in rapture.

Whether or not I saw it will change nothing of it’s existence

So I’m content to be able to think of it in absence

Of the sound of water and bubbling brook

My feet in the cold

And mother nature revealing herself as an open book that reads

From the earth and trees we are to be and to them we shall return.



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