My Out Life, My Message

TheOutLife began as a way to get people outside.

At its inception it was about the outdoors and being able to immerse oneself in the bonding and beautiful qualities of an unplugged lifestyle yet, recently, I find myself trying to talk about the environment as a whole. The global environment itself is extremely important but it’s stretching myself thin about everything together and attempting to make a change there. I need to focus my efforts. I need to decide where it is my brand truly lies. Environment or outdoors is such a blanket term that I spread my blog posts around seemingly every which way in the hope that something I say or write will mean something to someone and I’ll reach one other person in my life.

I think if you are an outdoorsman, there’s probably a pretty good chance that you care about the environment too. Maybe a person doesn’t see the world environment as a whole but the local environment may be important to them. After all that’s most likely where they hunt and fish and hike and camp so they definitely want to keep that land wild and pure.

As I thought about it more and more, maybe my own goal should be to create outdoorsmen, not strictly environmentalists.

Within every outdoorsman should be a spark of environmentalism and all it takes for a person to fight for the wild is a love for the wild. At least it makes sense in my head.

When I grew up, I learned how to start fires with a magnifying glass and signal with a mirror and build a bow and a lean-to. I learned how to fish and in turn grew to respect them. That desire to constantly be outside in the elements is what directly leads to my environmentally minded life now as I’ve grown older. Before, I knew not what was happening in the Arctic or the elephant tusk black market trade or the deforestation of rainforests because I was more worried about being in my local environment.

With the inception of the current president and his proposed pick for head of the EPA, I have been undergoing a lot of emotional turmoil and worry over what the state of the environment will be after the next four years have come and gone. I feel next to powerless and distraught over what my mind interprets as a disaster because I’m only one person and it appears I’m against the president of the United States. That’s how it feels.

But I’m slowly coming to realize that one person can inspire and lead people to look in a certain direction. So even if I can’t fight now, I can inspire others to want to fight too.

They say if you want to be a good writer “write what you know.”

Know what I realized?

I am an outdoorsman. Let me show you what I know.


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