Workspace is important. No matter what someone sits down to do, the atmosphere can make or break the quality of their work because it determines the state of mind someone is in. I believe that fully focusing on something puts a person into a kind of “flow” where movements become almost autonomous. The right kind of environment will put you into that state.

Martial arts practitioners and athletes of all kinds can attest to the fact that when in the throes of the sport, everything slows down. It’s almost like you go deaf for a moment. Thoughts are quick and sharply focused. Movements are muscle memory and reflexes from years of repetition. The mind goes, “I’ll take it from here.” The many times loud and intense atmosphere of sporting events results in an instant release of nerve tensing chemicals that leave a person high strung and twitchy. It’s this state, the state from the environment, that gets a person ready to do great things. Some writers like coffee shops for white noise. The constant flow of irrelevant sounds flow around the writer and lull them to thinking in a full form.

Some writers like total quiet. Immersing themselves within the depths of their mind and letting the hand put thoughts to paper.

Photographers subjects reveal a lot about who they are and how they think as well. The beautiful crystal clear lakes could be a photo from a person who enjoys the lone serenity on the shores of glass.

A person walking through the city street with camera poised could be inspired by the grand quantity of human lives surrounding them. Untold stories they wish to pen. Mysterious people they hope to understand. Or perhaps in themselves they see chaos. Photography lets them control it.

Whatever the state of body you desire, the state of mind comes first. Where? From the state of presence around you.


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