Grand Canyon and Flowers


How beautiful flowers are to be able to inspire happiness long after they are gone. Many things inspire only from the present.

The grand canyon was once a screaming cauldron of primordial anger hacking its way through the solid land. Shredding through the earth using bits of the earths own body.

Relentlessly pounding it for years upon years of archaic dislike, the rock cowered under the constant unprovoked torture of its land.

It bled and bled and bled.

Cut and torn.

Ripped and shattered.

The water laughed it’s way through the screams until we see what it is today. Most hear the power from the scenery at hand. Drinking in the majestic depth of field and wallowing in the provoked inspiration. Breathing in the sky and the mountains. Others can hear the endless anguished wails of the land hoping for a reprieve that won’t come from the knife of water. Dragging the blade slowly over exposed flesh. The fact remains that most will likely see the land only as it is now. The canyon is grand for the canyon after all and not the river it once was.

In a sense, the flower holds equal power in the fact that it can inspire from the past. From memory. After it dies the body will fade but the memory will continue to pervade in wandering thoughts.

The flower is a reminder that the past is beautiful as well. I challenge you.

Wrap memories you hold dear to your heart and store them for safe keeping. Keep the ones that continue to inspire you and glance upon their timeless elegance upon a full moons light to keep the suns rays away from them.

After that, Look, watch, listen.

Put only the best memories on the empty shelves and continue to fill them. Eventually the library that we call personality or experience will be a veritable sea of inspiration and antique happiness. When the library is filled.

You have lived a full life. I challenge thee.

Live a full life. Make full memories.


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