Talking With Mountains

I wish I could talk to mountains.

Drop my ear down to the earth and converse with the most wise and ancient of beings.  I can’t.  But. I can talk to you.

Being human we are born with the unique ability of compassion and personal creativity. Able to portray emotion in the tone of voice and the silent scream of a writers pen as it’s torn across the page.

Even with this great power, it is regretfully underutilized and with it that, power is lost. More people should talk about the things that matter to them, hopes and fears and dreams and worries and hates and loves and opinions and emotions and mistakes and the future and the past, our past. Your past.  My past.

See because when people talk they utilize this power.  Tears are quenched from worried words and anger is abated from heavy thoughts. Compassion is given a chance to grow.

But, also, how we each perceive our own character is changed as well.  Maybe we find someone who shares in a lovely hobby we thought was weird and it gives us the strength to hold our head high and hearts on our sleeve to show the world who we are and why we are proud of it. This, from a conversation, and now we are confident.

Maybe there is a day that we feel so overwhelmed we need atlas to take the sky off our shoulders because we know why we carry it but we don’t know why it makes every single muscle and joint in our body ache like being clamped in a slowly closing vise and having no way to escape.

You are atlas, and now I am proud to show my sky. We are all great mountains. Mountains of thought and emotion, creativity and imagination, skills and techniques, and compassion. Each of us is a store of knowledge and a life changer. We each can inspire and grow and love and teach others to do the same. Want to know the difference between us and a mountain?

We can speak. I talked to you, and my life will forever be changed.



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