Where do most people receive most if not all of their news of the world and where is it that people go to buy the posters and postcards of beautiful mountain and ocean views? The answer to this question lies in the news channel and your local Wal-Mart, respectively. These are places that have the ability to reconfigure your view of somewhere you’ve never seen and replace it with that of their own.

Millennials, with the advent of internet and social media coverage around the world, are explicitly aware of this fact and have access to the information the media does not cover as well as the coverage of anything the media ignores outright. I read an article recently that surprised me about (and I quote the title of that article “You Don’t Have Wanderlust, You’re Just Bored”) how wanderlust can be viewed as simple boredom; seen as just shallow and used as an escape from boredom. The article even states that people use wanderlust as an excuse to escape their problems instead of confronting them.

Allow me to clarify a few things by citing reasons why one should find wanderlust a wholesome state of mind and even go so far as to show why the nomadic lifestyle is a pure state of existence.

We travel to see things outside our general knowledge and challenge deeply held beliefs. Much of high school knowledge derives from rude, inaccurate stereotypes that are usually produced out of jest yet are still taken for truth. Growing up in this type of sarcastic and untrue environment lends a person to grow with a warped view of the world around their little bubble. Stepping beyond our boundaries and seeing with our own eyes the truths in the world is a battle that must be fought if we desire the opportunity to formulate our own opinions.

One extremely current example is the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The news forums recount the events as violence driven and an unlawful and pointless riot being staged by enraged minority groups. Further looking into the matter, one may find that multiple accounts of people actually staged in the area say that the protesters are not staging violence at all. In fact, the military and the police in the area are employing some extremely brutal and inhumane tactics to try and disperse the protesters. It is true that many protesters that are being arrested are trespassing on private land but as near as I can find, trespassing is the main charge that is being brought against the protesters. It appears that the people that are arrested for violence are few and far between. But, on the other hand, there was news recently about a young woman who sustained horrific injuries to her arm that would require an amputation. It was alleged that the injuries were sustained from a concussion grenade. Here’s the kicker, there was another article that said the injuries were sustained from a homemade bomb fashioned from a one pound propane tank. Where is the truth here? The only way to see and understand the situation would be to go to the protests, to see it with your own eyes.

Traveling is good for the imagination and creativity that is true, but it’s also good for knowledge we can’t get anywhere else.


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