Go Out and See


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the rigors of everyday life and it gets to a breaking point where I might collapse from the weight on my shoulders. At any point in time where this occurs, I take a walk.
There’s a small patch of wooded forest near my house where I go to ease my burdens. It’s the quiet inspiration I find in the woods that I wish to show other people. Loving nature is so much more than being a “tree-hugger”. It’s getting down to the roots of who we are and the environment in which we used to live.
It’s the feeling of something pure and calm.
It’s the crunch of leaves and snapping twigs.
Tweeting birds and croaking frogs.
It’s the freedom and beauty you stumble upon.
It’s the thoughts and emotions that are released.
How does a person explain that a love for nature is inspired from being within it when a person has never been in it before?
Schools get rid of outdoor Ed and families go to Disney to see Mickey. They tell their children, “We’re a hotel family.”
A president removes endangered species acts and the media never bats an eye.
Polar bears drown in droves and a person says that they will just be able to see them at the zoo.
I want to show the world that we need the wild. That it’s beautiful yet sick and we need to help it.
But the world is looking in the opposite direction.
And I don’t know how to turn their heads.
This flower carries all the beauty of the outdoors.
But if nobody steps outside, how am I supposed to show them?


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