Shifting sands


The thrashing wind sprayed sand against our legs that felt kin to the fire ants cutting and stinging. Long ago these sands blanketed the whole area in one expanse of dry, arid land still covered by the hardy shrubs that call this area home. The wind changed the landscape into this sea of sand devoid of life save for the unfortunate beings who get lost and succumb to the endless expanse of nothing. If they indeed passed through the very spot I stood then the remains have been hidden by the selfish and ever moving dunes.
I stand and watch for any movement on the horizon but my eyes are slow to make out life.
It seems the only life, here and now, is the beating of my heart and restless turning of my mind. I wonder for a brief moment at the feeling of lying down in the burning sand and letting it slowly bury me till I am just an echo of a distant memory. A mound of sand among the mounds of sand forever lost in my arid grave. Not even my body can nurture the soil here. It is already too far gone.
But today is not my day and now is not my time.
Instead I turn away for a time from the infinite and head back to the slow drudgery of normal life.
I turn from the shifting sands and will soon find myself lost in the sands of time forever unable to find the exact spot I stood.
I glance back once more.
Already, the depressions my feet left are filled and gone.
My presence erased, I continue to walk, walk away from this place of lonely echoes of a time long past.


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