Our Place


Do we really ever find our place? The spot in life where we feel like everything is going to plan and no harm can come to our merry way of life?
You know… I hazard we don’t.
We are constantly in a state of change as we walk, change our minds, graduate, laugh or cry, and the passage of time is a sweeping current of unfamiliarity where we always look for what’s the same.
The trick to feeling that sense of calm is not to find your place in time but merely a moment.
Find the second or the day or the place to tell yourself “I’m okay” and sink into the moment.

My moment is a mountain lake in the rocky mountains of Colorado where I first learned to fish and hike. It’s me standing lakeside in a cold drizzle, the sound of rain like twinkling glass the only salutation of life on my ears.
It’s the living throb of a fish on the line and the gentle release at the end of the struggle, the trout lazily slipping away through the water, deep into crystal waters.
It’s the herd of elk and a broad bodied moose staring into your lens or the chipmunks stalking closer and closer to the food bag.
It’s the little things to focus on that lets me disregard the big stuff.
This picture, it’s my place, my moment.
What’s yours?


One thought on “Our Place”

  1. I remember watching a documentary involving artists who lived in the wilderness. Looking back, it was probably about Slab City, the area of the Californian desert that houses wandering hippies. I’m not sure if interesting is the right term for it…bizarre would probably be the best description. Nevertheless, I feel I belong near the water somewhere. California is in my sights.

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