New Experiences


We don’t start something and fear the beginning of an act. Deep inside us the fear and knowledge that a start will lead to an end is what strikes us to not start in the first place. Regardless of whether or not the end is lack of ability or confidence it’s the subconscious fuel of fearing the unknown that’s the most difficult hurdle in pursuing something new.
We fear not knowing how we’ll fail and when. However the only unknown that is feared is the hint of failure. Why start in the first place if you run the risk of failing? Right?
Failing to realize the risk of failure is what makes us more prone to failure in the first place and is an acceptance of the glass half full state of reality.
If, in its place, we all hold our head high in the overwhelming surety of success than whatever fear of failure that held us back is prevented from invading our mind.
It’s easy, be confident.
Don’t ask how, just do it.
Being confident isn’t showing off or being loud or being opinionated. It’s just the mindset of personal success that must be cultivated to used effectively.
In place of listening to the voices that say “what if” listen to the voices that say “this is how it’s going to be” and stride headlong into the fray.
We all learn from our mistakes and being confident means you’ll end up doing a lot of learning some days.
My hope is that through the surety of voice and mind that confidence gives us we’ll learn so much from the mistakes that eventually we stop making them.
Welcoming failure is the essence of being confident. So don’t fear a beginning for it will lead to an end. Search for the end to make ends meet and continue connecting the dots till there are no ends to connect.
When no ends are left, that’s mastery in your art, yet this rarely ever happens.
Be comfortable with making mistakes.
It’s one step closer to authenticity.


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