People will not want to save that which they do not understand.

An intake of air tastes sweet.
Void of car exhaust and cow manure these woods offer the crisp energy supplied in oxygenated air. Taking from the atmosphere the harmful carbon emissions and transforming it to life for you and I.
The soil is rich and soft mats to my feet.
Void of pesticides and chemical fertilizers the soil itself is alive and gently envelops the roots that reside within it using nutritious, natural minerals. The rivers here carry the minerals in vast swathes of water to be emptied into the sea as water purity as opposed to hazardous chemical sludge.
The trees stand tall and the bounty of wild greens is indeed bountiful.
Void of spliced organisms this forest is in a state of simple complexity. It thrives without the tinkering of scientists playing Frankenstein with earths creatures.
The fauna is wild and healthy.
Void of trash bins and fields of corn they feast upon a variety of nature’s goods, eating, as it were, a wholesome and well rounded diet while at the same time supporting food webs throughout the system.
My heart is full, but worried.
Void of unnecessary attachment to electronics I succeed in being present.
I succeed in seeing that we need trees as much as it may seem irrelevant because I have pursued learning why. I know why.
From a young age, a certain generation has grown to learn why Wi-Fi is important but not how the world’s density of trees affects us. It’s from a simple result of lifestyle and yet it impairs our ability to listen to what the wild tells us.
We need to be taught something in order to learn it and experience something in order to understand.
How are we to know about trees,
If we spend less time outside,
And more in front of a TV?


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