Learning to Cook


Recently, I read that a study was published theorizing that the reason for the human change to a bigger brain was due to our discovery of cooked food.
This study also linked the change in gut and mandible size to our changed diet.
Food that is cook, compared to raw food, has much greater energy potential because the hard to digest fibers and protein is denatured or “pulled apart” exposing more surface area to our stomach acids. This means our bodies have to work less to digest our food while at the same time getting more energy.
The human brain consumes a greater amount of energy in relation to any other part of the body and it is reported in the study that more energy to feed the brain means our brains could grow larger and still be nutritionally supported.
The same book discussed that our primitive ancestors only stumbled across protein in the form of meat occasionally and most of our diet consisted of plants and grains. In the grand scheme of things, humanity has only been breeding livestock for a short amount of time. Not enough time for the human body to adapt itself to a diet high in meat and lower in real, natural vegetables.
Obviously, fire and meat go hand in hand but cooking heavily on the side of vegetables gives us much needed vitamins and minerals that are lacking in the modern diet.
As Micheal Pollan said, “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”
Explained it reads as eat foods that are as close to natural as possible, eat more plant than meat, and go easy on portion sizes.
The discovery of fire and cooking is a vast history of human ingenuity and what better way to honor that than by learning to cook?
Learning to cook healthy. The result will be a healthy body and healthy mind.


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