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As a people, as living breathing human beings it is the simplest of necessities that we eat other organisms in order to grow and remain healthy. It is an act of ignorance to believe the hamburger patty at McDonalds came as is. That patty is the result of somebody else’s work to fatten a cow and process it into the patty we know.
The CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations) grow the likes of chickens, cows, and pigs in horrendous farms rife with disease and suffering. As much as they are a blight on basic human compassion, it is incredibly difficult to do anything about them. They are too much a facet of modern society around the world.
One way I find solace in eating fellow creatures is by catching and hunting them myself. With this act, I know that the organism led a happy life. I know what it ate, where it lived, how it died, and the result is a deeper connection with the food I eat, a sort of respect for the animal. I know that this animal was not fed antibiotics and food it was not equipped to eat in an attempt to fatten it as quickly as possible.
I know that this animal is wild and lived wild in life and spirit.
If I am to eat fellow organisms, I find it more humane to cleanly harvest them myself than have another person slaughter it in horrid fashion.
The same belief goes to gardening and cooking as well. I know that there are no pesticides, GMO’s, or any other adverse variations of the plant life. It was grown from clean soil and clean water and harvested by the hand that fed it.
These two food groups: meat and plants can then be mixed in the action of pure self-sufficiency: cooking.
Cooking using pure ingredients results in a dish that contains the best the land has to offer.
Therefore, to me, hunting, gardening, and cooking are important acts in a world that has gotten too used to having things handed to them. It is not cruel or too much work, just an opportunity to exercise our original human spirit as our ancestors of old had done.


One thought on “Fishing Hunting Eating”

  1. I agree! We have a garden in our backyard and it’s satisfying to know exactly where my food is coming from down to the precise soil conditions. Each time I eat I put my trust in the manufacturer for a number of things relating to my health and consumerist devotion. Anyway, GMOs are a topic I could talk about for days. Good post idea.

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