Just Go


The alarm rings.
So gather what you’re going to bring.
Get out.

Waking up early in the morning without downing a cup of coffee is a veritable form of torture for some, leaving the warm to step out into the cold. Given this fact there are few who will make the conscious and willing decision to do so. They are missing out. It’s an entirely different world when the noise is gone. Seldom are there cars to disturb wandering across a street and the ordinarily loud birds are reduced to quiet chirps. Even within a home there is not a sound, save for the swishing of a backpack being filled with essentials. You step out and the door clicks behind you. Still silence. A deep breath filled from morning air is released and plumes out before rosy cheeks. The cold that is felt is the non caffeinated kick to wake up. A silent shiver rattles down your spine. The cold is biting at the neck and ears. As you begin to walk, you warm up, your breath increases, and you think. Perhaps in your mind you are shouting, or whispering silent thoughts. All around however, it’s quiet. Nothing disturbs you and nothing worries you. The morning stupor has left and you feel more aware of your surroundings than ever before. The sounds are sharper. Thoughts go deeper. Colors are more vivid. Wake up and wander.


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