Fire and I


Looking into the depths of a fire and following the progression of election day to the result, I couldn’t help but think of something my teacher told me.
“All your life you have an idea of where you’ll wake up the next year. In 6th grade you’ll have 7th, 7th to 8th, 8th to 9th and chances are you’ll be in the same home and same situation through all this. But in 12th grade, senior year of high school, you have no idea what the next year will bring or even where you’ll wake up.”
In-state or out of it? Part of the workforce or unemployed? With family or away in a new home?
As I stared into the fire, part of me burned; the part that was worried at this question and scared to face the future, the part that depended on other people and looked to them to make my decisions, the part that said “That’s impossible.”
It burned.
Not only are we great as a whole and together we are most powerful, but our individuality is to be treasured as well.
Who we are is not dictated by a presidential election.
Who we are is not grades and the clothes we wear and the nation we reside in.
Who we are is what we do.
What we build ourselves to be.
The actions we make in the face of adversity.
That is what makes you and I unique.
So coming together and being teammates and equals work because we come together first as individuals. This melding of different ideas is what sparks the original ones that change our future.
No matter who you voted for and what you stand for, do not forget that they are not a representation of how you should be and act.
Your life is your own to lead with the values that you think you need.
No one else is strong enough to control that.
Fight for your rights, fight for your liberty, fight for your happiness.
Use that voice individual to you,
And face the future with pride and confidence.
You can be the light in any darkness you see.
“We” is powerful,
But “I” is under rated.
And I refuse that we are represented by others. The only one that controls how others see us
is us.


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