Fighting for Change


Do not for one second assume that somebody else will take care of a problem that you take issue with. Be the change you want to see in the world and strive to be a symbol for your passion.
People are going to laugh or tell you to relax or be annoyed with you or stand against you. At every step of every battle there is going to be adversity. There will always be naysayers. Don’t listen. They do not understand your fight. What you stand for is your passion and your passion alone!
There may be people that join you and support you but the reasons why will be their own. You must find solace that they joined because of what you inspired if not what you say. People may follow a leader for various reasons but it will be because they want to see more. They want to listen and follow the fuel that whirls their own fire into an inferno.
Be a match.
Be gasoline.
Start a fire within somebody and continue to fuel their fire with the power that you alone produce for them.
We all have the power to shock others into action and I say today is the day to use it!
What upsets you?
Change it!
What hurts you?
Fight it!
What do you love with all your soul and you can’t let it go until it becomes so much a part of your life that you become a fighter for it?
Show it.
And always inspire others to do the same.
Because that is where the change will come from.


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