Outdoor Battles


The quote, “People won’t care about what they don’t understand,” is a hard reminder to those that are environmentally conscious about our duty to educate others in the majesty of the outdoors.
The summer before sixth grade, to my utter disappointment, I was informed that the school would no longer support outdoor education. It was removed from the school budget by some bleary-eyed, phone addicted pawn in the education hierarchy because it appeared to be an unnecessary expense.
I was devastated.
It seemed I was the only one.
When asked, most people didn’t care, didn’t know, and some didn’t want to do it in the first place. The general consensus stood heavily on “doesn’t matter” and this event was pushed farther into the back of my mind. Eventually, I gave up worrying knowing that if not with the school, then at least I would have my own time to go outside anyway.
Years pass and now I understand that there is cause for concern. From the beginning, I already knew how much fun the outdoors could be. I was already of the mindset that nature is a place I can have fun and explore.
My fellow classmates however, many of them are those that needed outdoor education. The ones whose family’s time spent outside consist of walking to and from the car. The ones who told me it doesn’t matter are those that needed to be shown it does.
In no uncertain terms, humanity is explicitly connected to the wild through body and mind. The health of our environment directly translates into our own.
In a world where our food comes in neat packages and we can travel the world through a phone screen, it’s more imperative now than ever before that you and I fight for the wild world that we believe in.
If you enjoy the wild, in whatever form you employ, join me and others in becoming outdoor educators for those who are illiterate in the language of our world.


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