Do Not Label…


Do not label me. I’m going to do my best to break it.
I am a person.
Who you see is not representative of who I present myself to be because no one person can show all of themselves.
I’m tall and built in stature due to a lifetime of martial arts, yet when I tell people I play tennis, I get funny looks. “You play tennis?”
When I bring cookies I baked to people I get a choke of disbelief.
“You bake? But you’re a dude!”
When I swear if I’m upset, many people recoil in surprise.
“I’ve never heard you swear before! You just swore!”
Well surprise mutha’-
Just kidding.
But, seriously,
How many people do you actually know?
Because still in my own life my friends whom I have grown with all my life will surprise me with something new.
“You never told me that.”
That’s right I guess, in some cases maybe you didn’t listen or I didn’t say anything but we all have aspects about ourselves that we don’t show off or we never get the chance to.
This new phrase I’ve heard bouncing around is a “Neo-Renaissance Man” and I think it should be more applicable to our day to day lives.
The present lives we lead offer us anything and everything at our fingertips. Want to learn how to breed cattle? Boom an internet forum. Want to learn to pick locks? YouTube it.
We can literally do and try anything and fashion ourselves as the very epitome of the renaissance man/women.
But the point here is this.
Many times we get stuck believing that our one thing is our thing and that anything else is unnecessary. That we can settle. Don’t. It gets boring.
Try new things, new skills, and new hobbies. If you don’t have something loan a friends or ask them to take you with them on their hobbies.
Pretty soon you entrench yourself in depth of life and knowledge and experiences and you’re just that more well-rounded.
So don’t label me. And don’t label yourself either. Nerd? No. Athlete? No. Hipster? No.
……….Yes. I am a person.


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