Creativity and Solitude


I read in a book about creativity that blue ignites it. Blue reminds the human mind of the sky and ocean and then by thinking about such broad things it results in our thinking becoming broader as well. More including of outside topics or ideas that make interesting connections in our brain.
I don’t doubt distance is a factor as well.
When I look out over alpine tundra or miles of “empty” Colorado grasslands I feel that power. What would it be like to stand in the very middle of that nothingness, miles from cars and trains and people and phones and TV’s, just a pen full of ink and a notebook? Noting myself as the only soul for miles around the land, my pen would pause. Then what?
What would you do?
Your car is a speck in the distance, so small you can’t see its shape.
A lukewarm fall wind blows past you stirring sand against your shins.
Your jeans and t-shirt are the only clothing on your body.
Your eyes look out over a vast prairie with small, lifeless shrubs and expanses of sand dotting the landscape that move off in the distance towards the silhouette of a vast mountain range.
It’s only you; nothing sparks thought or reveals itself in the bushes.
What would you think about?
Shed everything and you are there.
Who are you?
In this lonesome moment, what is it you crave most?
Seldom do we alone get to think to ourselves.
On an empty prairie, our thoughts are all that give us reprieve from the silence.
Who are we without the newscasters telling us the news, the cash register telling us the price, the music telling us the love, and our setting telling us where we are in life?
Stripped down to our thoughts, given a pen and pencil, where is it in the flow of words we find our authenticity?


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