So, can we talk?
About what?
You know…
You know…
Can we talk?
About what?
You know…
Just tell me.
Be honest with who you are, I’ll be honest with who I am, we’ll be honest about who we are together, and perhaps in that capacity we will grow or crumble.
Too often are we in fear of the words that come tumbling from our lips in half broken syllables and disjointed sentences.
“I don’t know how to explain it…”
“Well, it’s complicated…” Let us first release what we know we want to say and then proceed to explain our way of thinking.
Let us not be judged for the first words that spring from our mouths but the last.
After all, how will anyone truly understand where are intentions lie if our intentions are our own and we do not explain ourselves first. Do not assume you know me just as I will not assume to know you.
A conversation is a union of minds, a moment in time where two people may shed their everyday masks to engage with one other person on this great big earth in honesty. This is wholly a moment of trust between people and as you or I build trust among our peers suddenly we find ourselves sharing little bits of ourselves to the people closest to us. It does indeed come naturally to some and is a point of difficulty in others.
Want to know a trick?
Sit someone down, text them at night, write them a letter, and pour; slowly and tentatively at first to not drown the other, but do so from the hammering heart in your chest.
Nobody is inherently bad and nobody has truthfully ill intentions if they mean not to.
Give people a chance to explain. Don’t you want to know who they are? I do. And I try.


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