Stories and Authenticity


A man who I won’t name and a belief I can’t describe said this: That the true meaning of authenticity is personal transparency and a yearning for the stories that each person runs as their own.
Including oneself, every person on our little world has a story; something that adds to the collective of humanity and reveals our darkest secrets and brightest moments as apex creatures in the world. What makes us, us, is a little story spoken as if a parable from voices long past that slid its way down the ladder of time to happen in the life of one person. This little story personifies human character to the fault that nearly everyone can relate with it in one way or another.
The caveat is that sometimes these versatile stories are kept hidden away as secrets. They can range from violent to vanilla events in day to day life.
Being authentic, according to this man, is sharing this story and allowing it to become a reflection of personal growth. Even others can learn from someone’s past however distant from that life they may be and the more humanity exercises their power of empathy the more we’ll learn how to tackle the future as proud individuals.
The scars, the fears, the hope, the love; all things together are the culmination of you and I and
if we share that with others maybe, just maybe, together we can understand each other better.
People yearn for others authenticity like a baby yearns for its milk, though this kind of craving is the cravings of the mind.
Authenticity is the ability to shed a well-built mask and reveal the true nature of the beast underneath.
We all have our mountains. Authenticity is the willingness of sharing in them together.


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