Slip-Sinker Bait fishing Rig

The most common bait fishing rig I use is known as a “slip-sinker rig” because the free-sliding bullet sinker has a hole through the center through which the line moves. When a fish grabs the bait, the line slides through the sinker and the bite is sent directly to the rod tip. If the sinker was tied to the line, the fish would have to pull the weight before the bite is seen on the rod. A slip-sinker rig is the most natural bait fishing presentation for this reason.

To tie the swivel and hook to the line use what is known as a Clinch knot or a Fisherman’s knot.

To tie this rig, start by sliding on the bullet weight to the main line with the tapered end first and then tie the main line to the barrel end of the snap swivel using a clinch knot. Cut a 1-2 foot section of line from a spare spool and attach one end to the snap portion of the swivel and the other end to the hook.

The bullet weight should be able to slide up and down the main line only being stopped when it reaches the swivel.

To fish this rig, simply cast as far as your gear allows, let the weight settle, and slowly reel in line until it’s taut. A taut line means the smallest of nibbles will show up on the rod tip. When you get a bite, jerk the rod sharply to bury the hook in the trout’s mouth. Fish on!

Common baits to use include:

  • Powerbait
  • Worms
  • Salmon eggs
  • Crickets
  • Minnows
  • Chunk bait (chunks of fish like Sucker meat

Just hook on your bait and get fishing!

Tight lines everybody!


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