Reaching Out and Spreading a Message


I believe strongly in trying new things and garnering experiences across many disciplines of life. From the arts to cooking to sports I think a person should actively seek new views and abilities to be used in everyday life. This being said, I now have a fairly obnoxious list of hobbies and interests that means sometimes I don’t know what project to work on next.

This fact creates a dilemma in my life of how best to raise environmental awareness. Lately, I am aware of the fact that people do not read as much as they should or used to. Whether it’s reading the news or a book, people are reading less and less and so the necessity of a writer to produce engaging and interesting content for his audience is becoming very important. People do not want to sit through a long scientific article about nature; they want to hear about a natural disaster because it’s more interesting. (Morbidly so)

As I’m aware of this trend towards reading, I also see how video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are becoming increasingly popular as people look to visual input for their education and entertainment. My thought process goes as follows:

>>>I love the outdoors and the environment and want to show people what it means to me so I start bringing my friends camping and fishing. I see how much fun they have and that makes me want to show more people so I start an Instagram account to show off what I’m doing and begin writing. I proceed to start a blog. Suddenly, I want to produce better photography for both accounts and so not only am I an outdoorsman, but now a photographer, writer and social media producer. As these grow, I want to show people how to do things and so I’m interested in film. As the snowball catches speed I continue to pick up hobbies and skills and so now have so many outlets that I cannot keep up on them.<<<

In essence, I end up spreading myself thin on too many projects. I really do enjoy them all and believe that each is a representation of a different aspect of the outdoors but they each have their own subtleties and techniques that I have to focus on. My dilemma is; what medium for spreading a message is the best? Is there one? Should I choose the one I’m best at? Which is it?

Some people can only be reached through a film whereas others identify best with writing. With this in mind I will continue juggling my mediums and hobbies until, from out of the chaos, my path becomes apparent.

My message is clear; my medium of transport is not.


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