CCL Productions (VA Interview)


1.) What prompted you to really begin pursuing your art or your message?

Growing up I had a crappy childhood, and one of the ways I would escape my problems is I would watch movies. I thought it was so interesting how movies had a hidden moral message or meaning behind the story and how that message would somehow help you better understand the world around you. Anything from “There’s no place like home” from the Wizard of Oz or the message about taking a chance from Good Will Hunting. I pursued film-making because I think it’s possible to teach people a valuable lesson while keeping them entertained.

2.) Why do you think many young adults lack the drive or focus to pursue a certain goal?

I think teens lose interest because it either gets too hard or people don’t support them or both. When I made my first film, and we were about two and a half months into filming it I lost the excitement and enthusiasm to finish it. It wasn’t until I posted a final trailer, and I got such a positive response that my team and I got the courage to finish the film.

3.) Do you think everyone has their “thing” to pursue?

Everyone is interested in something otherwise life would be dull. Regardless of how minor or strange people think someone’s interest is, there is always something for someone and that’s what makes people unique.

4.) What things inspire you to continue working and learning?

I keep making movies, because I love telling stories either new and interesting or a classic spin off of an original. It’s fun how much variety there is for story-telling and what new and interesting things you never would of thought of. You definitely learn as you progress.

5.) Favorite color, animal, song, book, quote and why?

Probably blue.

An elephant maybe because they are big and beautiful creatures.

I enjoy the intro song to Swiss Army Man because it has people come together to make music.

My favorite book is probably Lord of the Flies by William Golding because it shows true loss of innocence.

My favorite quote is a tie between “There are no two words in the English dictionary more harmful than Good Job,” from Whiplash or “Yeah, maybe we’re all ugly. Ugly dying sacks of shit and maybe all it take is for one person to just be okay with that,” from Swiss Army Man because they are just so good and true to life.

6.) What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to pursue the same field?

The best advice I could give is the same advice given to me. Try to make as much of your own work as possible because A you will slowly get better and better, and B having a lot of experience is good for job opportunities. If you ever feel unenthusiastic and want to quit, don’t.You’ll never know what you can accomplish if you don’t take the first step.

7.) Why did you choose the brand name you go by?

I chose the brand name because it started with just the three of us. My two friends and I, since my maiden name is Custer, my friend’s name is Cappel, and my other friend’s name is Lozano it seemed simple to call it CCL.

8.) Where do you want to take your brand in the future?

I hope my brand inspires others to go for what they want to do. I hope that people get inspired to try new things, learn from their own experience and make something that impacts someone, anyone.

Tyler Grossman is a young director and film writer who hopes to pursue film school in the future. He runs his YouTube channel at CCL Productions and produces original short films all filmed and directed by him. Check out and subscribe to the channel to see more of his amazing work!


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