AndrewJHarman (VA Interview)


  1. What prompted you to begin to pursue your art or your message?

I’ve always loved to tell stories, it’s that simple really. I want my art, photography and film to tell a story, whether this is about politics or love or crime knowing someone has indulged my creation makes me excited!

  1. Do you think most young adults lack the passion to pursue their goals or do they not really know what they are passionate about?

I don’t think young adults lack passion, I feel that as a generation we’re far more aware than we were before about society and politics. I do feel that its simply a lack of direction, especially in the UK. In England there is a distinct lack of passion in the education system, that’s not to say teachers are letting people down I personally have many teachers that have inspired me, instead the system lets them down. We have a very structured way of learning that doesn’t encourage creativity, many kids just get lost in the system because it doesn’t work for them.

  1. What things inspire you to continue working and learning?

I’m inspired by the need for change. I feel our generation needs to really make a mark on the world in a positive manner otherwise it will be lost, this inspires me every day.

  1. Who is your hero or role model? Why?

My role model has always been my father; I’ve always respected and listened to everything he says.
The way Casey Niestat lives is also a huge inspiration to me. His “Just Do It” attitude has been my mantra when I discovered his work three years ago.

  1. Favorite color, animal, song, book, and quote?

Orange or Red


Songs, there are too many! Top three?
Jamie T – Crossfire Love
Tiny Little Houses – every man knows his plague; and you are mine
Pink Floyd – Time

George Orwell: 1984

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, setup a life you don’t want to escape from”

  1. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue your same field?

Just don’t give up, ever; no matter what. You’re better than resigning to a job you hate.

  1. Why did you choose the brand name you go by?

At the minute my brand is just myself: Andrew J Harman. I like my name, I feel like it’s easy to remember , although I’ve always wanted a nickname!

  1. Where do you hope to take your brand in the future?

I definitely want my brand to have a point. Not to say it’s pointless at the minute but I suppose right now it is only a memento mori, reminding me I need to do some work! I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to fulfill a purpose, that’s when I’ll truly feel alive.

Andrew Harman is a British photographer and creative based in the North East, aside from photography he is also very passionate about creating short films and moving-image art pieces. He is very passionate about the natural world and enjoys camping, hiking and exploring the coastline where he has grown up


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