Vast Awareness


Vast Awareness is born from the belief that there’s more to life than what most people see on the surface. It’s a promise to live life more fully and deeply, in order to grow a more profound understanding of the lives we lead. We strive to teach others, especially young adults, that they have a voice, a story, and a message to share with the world. This depth is achieved through active living, adventuring, learning, and any path to forming new experiences. We of VA welcome anyone to submit writing, photos, poetry, and art to be featured and discussed by a wide range of people.

VA is run with the hope that people are able to reach and interact with others who they might never reach otherwise. It was started by Kiara of @everyday.perspective, Andrew of @andrewjharman, and Lily of @_capturing.beauty_ along with myself as an area where people can share their work and further their own artistic goals. We heavily encourage interaction between members through commenting and the sharing of work.

We welcome submissions to become partners. Email the blog site “contact” page and tell us about yourself. If your personal style and beliefs align with the values of VA then you will be contacted through email to begin the questioning process. If you are not contacted then we were not able to consider you for partnership but fear not, you may still submit your works and art any time you please.

Welcome to Vast Awareness.


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