Learning and Killing Time



Interestingly enough in light of my general stance on electronics my tip for discovering and pursuing new hobbies is to watch YouTube. It truly is not as if I was born with innate knowledge of the correct knot to use when wrapping paracord bracelets nor is it that I’m just good at fishing. As with any manner of hobbies, I had to practice and study the best ways to go about doing certain things.

One of the ways that I was exposed to my current obsessions was through cross-contamination if you will. At one point I would be perusing the best techniques to shoot pictures and the next I would be brought to a “how to make your own leather strap” video. How did this occur? Well as I was looking for good photography techniques, I saw that one person had a sharp looking leather camera strap hung from their camera. At first I looked at how much one such strap would cost and found that for a truly quality strap, I would be required to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Hoping for a cheaper solution I began searching for alternatives and stumbled across the leatherworking video. My interest piqued, I wondered what other items could be crafted from knife and hide. One thing leads to another and now I dabble in the art of leatherworking. Quite honestly this is how many of my hobbies arose. Because I have one specific hobby, photography, I am exposed to a whole manner of others as a result.

Now, the title of this post is “Learning and Killing Time.” The purpose in such a title is to begin to explain the difference between being plugged in for lack of anything better to do and being plugged in for further learning in a certain aspect.

Many times I talk of electronics as simply a waste of time and removing oneself from them is an ultimate aspect of TheOutLife. Yet it is truly a paradox where I promote being unplugged while at the same time spreading my message using the same medium I speak against. Here is my defense.

As I use electronics to the best of my ability as least as possible, the times I do use it are periods of learning and self-education where I further my knowledge in areas of my own interest. Most times if I have no solution to a problem I will turn to the internet. After all, it is the largest culmination of human knowledge that is literally at our fingertips. After my search is done, I can still proceed to unplug and continue to pursue the activity I began due to my newfound knowledge. I used the internet as a wholesome and educational medium for knowledge.

But the use of electronics negatively, as I perceive it, is the days where one watches episode after episode of dreary and un-educational TV shows or spends hours playing Call of Duty and only having fake accomplishments to show for it. These hours are wasted. Nothing is learned and nothing is gained. In fact, I challenge that one is worse off than when they started.

In one scenario, I used the internet to broaden my knowledge of a subject. In another, I used it to kill time. Even this blog post is a wholesome use of one’s vocabulary and an exercise in making and defending one’s point. Beneficial to the writer, is it not?

How do you plug in?