Swinging In Shade


I’d always seen hammocks as comfortable yet never really gave them much thought. It was one of those luxuries where once and awhile I’d get to lay in one and that would be my hammocking experience for the year. A mixture between distrust and disinterest always kept me from owning one. The thin fabric of some looked like a waste of money due to the inevitable ripped seam or slight tear grown larger by my body weight. (Hey, whoa, I’m not fat just grown.) Well recently my father brought home a simple net hammock* meant to be hung between two trees. For awhile it sat collecting dust because no one really knew how to hang it up. Out of sheer curiosity I brought it with me to my patch of woods along with a bundle of 550 paracord* and decided to give it a chance. Hanging it up was as an amateur job as they come. I simply wrapped the paracord around the tree a few times looping the end of the hammock through the rope and suspending it between two trees.

It looked good. The hammock sat under the shade of two oak trees and gently rocked in the breeze that meandered its way through the forest. I tested the hammock with my hands at first and it appeared safe enough so I sat down, straddling it between my legs and balancing to get my feet inside. With both legs in, I laid down.


The first thing I noticed was the hug. The hammock seemed to conform to and support all the arches on my body so there were no uncomfortable bumps or edges to deal with. If I sat or lay on the ground there would be plenty of sharp rocks or sticks to play like a bad masseuse on my back. In the hammock however I was well away from the ground. When the breeze came by, it flowed through the material and touched my whole body in a spreading coolness.

It only took a small push to get me rocking like a baby in a rocking chair. I was really enjoying this hammock. Shade, wind, birds, trees; this was really comfortable.

Since this small experience I always bring the hammock and test out features such as napping and book reading comfortableness(it’s definitely a thing). Both of which are awesome in a hammock.

My once closed eyes have been opened to the magic of the hammock in an outdoor setting and the market has now turned a new customer.

Think of a bed that fits in a backpack and can be set up anywhere there are trees. Sounds nice? That’s a hammock.


*550 Paracord– Parachute cordage that is sold as 550 paracord for its 550 pound breaking limit. The versatility in it for outdoor activities leads it to be one of my favorite ropes to carry in a bag.

*Net Hammock– Also called mesh hammocks, these types of hammocks are an open weaved style which allows for maximum airflow and are usually very easy to clean. These, in fact, can be made using 550 paracord using simple weave designs.


One thought on “Swinging In Shade”

  1. Laura got me a mesh hammock for my birthday a few years ago. We drag it out of the basement and set it up in the back yard every summer, and I pass many a pleasant evening lying on it and watching the stars come out.

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